The Great New Belgium review round up

Any dedicated readers know I’m a crazy Belgian fanatic, as such I’ve always been enticed by this Colorado brewery I’d heard rumors of known as New Belgium Brewing. Sadly though, they don’t distribute to Ohio or Kentucky, though I just discovered they do have limited distribution to Indiana. Over Memorial Day weekend I went up to Chicago to spend the holiday with my sister’s family. To my overwhelming delight I discovered that New Belgium had significant distribution to the Chicago Area. Needless to say I picked up one or two of every New Belgium style they had. Later in June we went to North Carolina for the beach where I again found excellent New Belgium coverage resulting in a few more styles for me to try. Now, I present the results of all the New Belgium beers I could buy.

I hope this review will inspire our readers to try New Belgium beers when they get a chance, and hopefully New Belgium will see this demand and add Ohio to their list of over 25 states.

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Beer Review: Sam Adam’s Dark Depths

Sam Adam’s seems to be on a kick about taking different beer styles, adding hops, and calling it an IPA. In this case we have a Baltic Porter IPA.

Brewery: Sam Adams
Beer: Dark Depths
Style: Baltic Porter
Alcohol by volume: 7.6%

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Beer Review: Sam Adam’s New World

Another Belgian tripel from the folks at Sam Adams. The brewers took a couple interesting twists with this by dry hopping it with Saaz hops then they mix in their Kosmic Mother Funk. The Kosmic Mother Funk, besides now being on my must try list, is an oak aged Belgian ale. Let’s see how the New World compares to all the other Belgian Tripel’s out there.

Sam's New World

Brewery: Sam Adams
Beer: New World
Style: Tripel
Alcohol by Volume: 10%

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Beer Review: Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale

I am intentionally trying all the Belgian’s that I can and I’m always up for a new IPA but it appears I’m also, semi-subconsciously, on a Red ale kick. That kick continues with an entry from Bear Republic…

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Beer Review: Christian Moerlein Saengerfest

Spring is gone and summer is here… well, not for another month but breweries tend to get ahead of the actual seasons.  I don’t even know if this is actually Moerlein’s summer, but it should be.

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