Beer Review: MadTree Sol Drifter

Last Thursday I ventured down to MadTree for the release of their newest seasonal beer, Sol Drifter. Sol Drifter is a blonde ale brewed with strawberries that is joining the seasonal lineup for May – August, replacing Spyre and leading to Pumpcan. This beer was formally called Daywalker but their only common feature is being blonde ales.

To make themselves stand out in the crowded summer seasonal market MadTree added in strawberries and designed a stunningly pink can. Those strawberries came in the form of 240 lbs of strawberry purée for every 60 bbl batch. That may sound like a lot and you may worry that its too strawberry, but fret not.

MadTree Sol Drifter

Whether you drift along in life, drift down the river, or just want to drift through a drinking session, Sol Drifter will let you go where you want by delivering subtle citrus hop flavors to complement a crisp, refreshing, tart finish.

Read on after for my thoughts on this brew.

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Beer Review: Mt. Carmel Blonde & Nut Brown Ales

Tonight I’m knocking back the last two styles contained in Mt. Carmel’s Porch Pack. Last week I had the India Pale Ale and Amber Ale to start off my review of the Porch pack. So far I’ve been impressed at how spot on to style Mt. Carmel is but not amazed or wowed in anyway. The IPA & Amber were both good beers, lets see if the Blonde & Nut Brown follow suit.

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Some Quaff Bros updates…

From the Party Source newsletter:

Thanks for buying up all of the Sour Grapes! With a limit of just two bottles per customer to help spread the love (something we never thought we would have to do) it is now sold out. There is just a few 1/6 barrels of Quaff Bros. “Joseph“ left and with the speed it is going on our growler station, it won’t last long. What else is going on? Well, lots! We are now in cahoots with Scott from Blank Slate Brewing Co., and are hoping for a draft only white wine influenced brew coming to us in a few months. We are also in the early stages of three new Quaff projects with our good friends from Listermanns and Triple Digit. We will not let the cat all the way out of the bag yet, but preparations for Cincy Winter Beer Fest 2013 are being made. We also will have a brew just in time for the holidays, which we can promise you is like no other beer on the planet. Finally, the next time you read about and taste a Quaff Bros. beer it will be “Ginever“, a Belgium style Blonde aged in Corsair Gin/Rum barrels. More news to come soon. Keep Quaffing, cheers!