Queen City Drinks One Year Anniversary Party

Reserved for Queen City Drinks.
Reserved for Queen City Drinks.

I just wanted to post a few pictures that Charlie and I took at the Queen City Drinks one-year anniversary party. I don’t know how the other writers feel, but for me it’s been a great experience writing occasionally for this site. My writing has improved as I have tried to make my posts more descriptive and useful to all types of readers, and I have learned so much both through researching stories and from reading everyone else’s posts. Especially about beer and beer related events in Cincinnati. Thanks so much to Josh for getting this website started and for his continued leadership and to Tom for keeping it updated and relevant on a day-to-day basis. And a huge thank you to Fifty West Brewing for hosting this party and for allowing us to bring in our own beer to share. There aren’t many places in Cincinnati that would let you do something like that.  And of course the biggest thank you of all goes to all you readers and brewers reading this who make up the community. It was great getting to finally meet many of you in person Thursday. Now that we know each other in real life and not just on twitter I hope to be seeing a lot more of you. So here are just a few pictures of the night. It was a great time and I had my fair share of beer so they might not all be the best quality but I think that is a sign of a really great evening. Cheers everyone and here is to another great year ahead for Queen City Drinks.

madtree kenny and tom
Looks like an intense discussion
The Brew Professor schools us.
The Brew Professor schools us.
Ginny and Beach bum
Finally meeting the Cincy Beach Bum
2013-05-16 19.37.02
Really nice C.A.B. sliders. So good we ordered them twice.
This was the most sour beer I've ever had.
This was the most sour beer I’ve ever had.
"In the Name of Suffering" sounds more like a hot sauce than a beer.
“In the Name of Suffering” sounds more like a hot sauce than a beer.
Josh at the head of the table. Sort of.
Josh at the head of the table. Sort of.
Triple digit was well represented.
Triple digit was well represented.
Josh and one of the brewer's from Rhinegeist.
Josh and one of the brewer’s from Rhinegeist.
Doesn't have anything to do with beer but on the way home we drove by Horseshoe and stopped to get half of The Killers concert for free by standing outside the gates. Better seats than I've ever had at Riverbend.
Doesn’t have anything to do with beer but on the way home we drove by Horseshoe and stopped to see part of The Killers concert for free by standing outside the gates. Better seats than I’ve ever had at Riverbend.




Beer Review: MadTree PsycHOPathy

MadTree Brewing has been around town for a few months now but only this week did they start canning their beer. As of the time this post is going up they only have PsycHOPathy canned but Gnarly Brown and Happy Amber will be filling the aluminium sometime in the next week or two. Shortly after that, around mid-April, you’ll start seeing the cans pop-up around town! If you’re like me and impatient though then head on down to the brewery for a pint on draft and a 6-pack ($10) to take home!

If you follow other Cinci beer blogs, you’ve no doubt already heard lots this week about MadTree. They’ve been on a bit of a beer blog spree which is great news for them and our fellow beer bloggers! That said I’m not going to focus too much on the brewery, if you want that info, please check out our friend Brew Prof’s post: MadTree cans roll off the line and make history. He did a fantastic job on that, and there is only one thing he’s missing a beer review! [Ed. note:  three years after writing this, Brew Prof is now MadTree’s HR manager Director – People and Social Strategy.]
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Friday’s Short Pours: Brewery incubators, Hoppin Frog top Ohio brewery, QCD’s own to present at 5B

Short Pours are bits of news that we at QCD think are worth your while. Follow the attributed links for the whole story!


“Microbreweries and brewpubs may have exploded in popularity over the past decade or so, yet that’s in spite of the challenges brewers face when getting started, including heavy regulation, hefty overhead, and substantial risk. But in downtown Houston, the world’s first “brewery incubator” aims to grease the wheels for aspiring brewers, by offering community, a shared workspace with professional brewing equipment, and a tap room with a built-in customer base, so brewers can focus on what matters when they’re just starting off: making the best beer possible.”

via 1 | Inside The World’s First “Brewery Incubator” | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation.

Ratebeer.com, in their 2012 Ratebeer Best,  named Hoppin Frog the top brewery in Ohio and BORIS the Crusher the top beer brewed in Ohio. I’m sure there will be some disagreement over this…

via Ratebeer.com 

Lastly (but not least), Tom will be co-presenting with Scott LaFollette of Blank Slate Brewing at 5B session titled “Beer Reviews from Both Sides”. If you haven’t registered yet, do so here and go meet them! Tom will have more on this soon.

via Hoperatives

Know your local brewery: Rivertown

I’m beginning what will hopefully be a long series of interviews with local area brewers. My goal is to interview the head brewers/owners at all the local area breweries and provide general information about those breweries. Lots of interviews I see with them are just about specific seasonals or events. In this interview and those that follow I intend to get the basics of what the company is about and where it’s headed. So without further delay here is my interview with  Tom Hull the General Manager for Rivertown.

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