Catching Up With Blank Slate Brewing Company

Blank Slate Brewing Company joined the Cincinnati brewing scene in Spring of 2012, and I sat down with him in the fall of that year. Realizing it’s been three years since then,  we sat down for another interview recently. Scott and I talked for a long time, this is a long post please bear with it, it’s worth it. Also, hang tight for later this week or next when I’ll post part 2. Today, though, it’s all about Blank Slate Brewing Company!

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Learning About Beer: Canning

[Ed. Note: This was first published in May 2013 when MadTree was only a few months old. The core of what follows is correct, but their canning machine has now (at least as of May 2016) grown tremendously.]

In my quest to continue to shed light on the less glamorous or well-known aspects of beer I’m moving onto an incredibly important one, essential the question of how this delicious liquid gets into containers to get transferred into our bellies!

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