Introducing Deschutes Brewery Black Butte and Red Chair

Ohio has been lucky to receive lots of love from breweries deciding to expand distribution to us in the past few months. Dechutes is continuing that trend and launching state-wide and in Northern Kentucky next week. ┬áTo hype their arrival they’re having a plethora of events (see the list below) and were also kind enough to hook me up with samples, which we’ll get to in a bit.

I’d heard of Deschutes before due to their Abyss stout and Black Butte XX## Imperial Porters (they’ve made a few of them all roman numerals) thanks to online hype and beer traders. I was lucky enough to try Abyss at a recent bottle share and, though already thoroughly buzzed I found it a tasty and impressive stout.

According to the info Deschutes sent me their Black Butte porter (neither numbered nor imperial) is the #1 best-selling craft porter in the country. Pretty impressive stat, though I think that is likely due to Deschutes size and distribution range. Speaking of distribution range, we’re their 23rd state, plus 2 Canadian provinces, and D.C. For size they were the 5th biggest craft brewery in 2012. Anyway, onto the beer…

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