Quaff Bros: Catching Up, Blue Melvin, and Beyond

Quaff Bros. is a gypsy beer label from Cincinnati, and now across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. It’s been three years since my post helping you know your local brewery. There have been some changes at Quaff Bros that we’re going to get into, but rest assured, the future is bright and blue (melvin)!

Quaff Bros

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Music to Brew By

I have a voracious appetite for new music, nearly as aggressive as my quest for new beers. This has only gotten worse with Spotify and the ability to stream 17+ million some songs at the click of a mouse. One day I tweeted a few of the brewers looking for musical suggestions. Steve Shaw at Cellar Dweller was quick to respond with Larry and his Flask, which I now listen to daily.

That got me thinking what other brewers, and bloggers, like for music to brew by or keg/clean/bottle to? With Saturday being Learn to Homebrew Day what better time to build a playlist of tracks to listen to while teaching a friend to brew?

Cellar Dweller

When I asked Steve Shaw again for writing this post he listed Hank The Third, Johnny Cash, and Steve Earle. Mentioning that Johnny Cash’s song Hey Porter is the song that named they named their Porter, “Hey Porter”, after. So here’s that to listen to


Matt Rowe said they’re mostly classic rock. He gets a little doo wop fifties and sixties music mixed in there as well. Another favorite is bluegrass, especially The Tillers and The Rumpke Mountain Boys. Perhaps most importantly from MadTree is their Do Not Play List


To make sure we all get to enjoy lots of different music with this article here is a specific song that Matt Rowe mentioned liking

Blank Slate

Leave it to Blank Slate to have an eclectic love of music.  While breaking the bounds of beer styles and defying having a single flagship beer owner and head brewer Scott LaFollete likes to listen to everything from Punk to Hip Hop. Never having been a big too exposed to Punk I checked out his three specific suggestions (Minor Threat, The Queers,  and New Bomb Turks) and dug this track the most.

Ei8ht Ball

Mitch Dougherty is the man behind Ei8ht Balls brews and is into everything from Patsy Cline, Muddy Water, and Tool to Hank 3 and Pantera. So I had to diversify this list and get some metal in here.


I reached out to Rhinegeist’s Head Brewer Jim Matt for what him and brewer Luke Cole like to listen to. While Jim is all over the map musically and Luke was a Led Zeppelin fan Jim did call out 1 song in particular that I had to include in this list.


On creative days they like 311, others range from Seattle Grunge to Rolling Stones, with a love of classical (Beethoven and Chopin) or Jethro Tull.

Just like our brewing portfolio, all styles get tossed around the brewery!


This idea started with just breweries but since Queen City Fresh is so big into music I decided to include him and expand it to my fellow Cincy Beer bloggers as well.

Queen City Fresh

Chris Stevens may not brew beer, but he’s hugely passionate about music and beer and most especially The Tillers so I couldn’t write this without giving him a shout out. Matt Rowe from MadTree also mentioned The Tillers as a favorite so here’s a track from their new album.

BeerQuest ABV

“I either want to be mellow as fuck or pumped up so hard I’m ready to kick a baby”


“My favorite band and the most talented musician ever all in one package.”

“Well, except for Prince”

Brew Professor

Love Beer, Love Food

What about me?

I listen to all kinds of music but right now I cannot get enough of Shakey Graves.

What about you?

Leave a comment on your favorite song or artist to listen to while brewing or drinking your favorite beer!

Introducing Ei8ht Ball

A massive disturbance in the Cincinnati beer scene is going to begin at 11 am Saturday morning. At that time Ei8ht Ball will officially open it’s doors.

The Cincinnati area has had some great bars for a long time now. Dutch’s, Lackman, Japps, and Arnold’s are all fantastic places full of amazing beer. Ei8ht Ball is a different beast entirely. Oh yes, it serves beer but it also brews its own beer. Yes, it has tap handles… 42 of them! And those tap handles contain  some of the best beer you can get anywhere, including many locals. They also have bottles, but there’s no Bud Light here just a little thing called Zombie Dust  and another bit of nothing called Cantillon Classic Gueuze, but nobody likes either of those!

The other great thing Ei8ht Ball has going for it, and against my bank account, is that it’s located in The Party Source. You have to cross their entire craft beer section to get back to Ei8ht Ball. The Party Source has been one of the best bottle shops in town for years and now they’re adding Ei8ht Ball… oh, and a distillery will be opening there soon as well.

I keep mentioning that it’s a brewery so let’s talk about their beer. Ei8ht Ball is opening up with 2 brews, Prodigal Son and K-Hole. Prodigal Son is an American pale ale that really does justice to the style. Far too many APAs are light IPAs and that’s really not what the style is about. K-Hole is just plain nuts it’s an imperial stout but it’s got so much coffee it’s crazy. Both of these beers are amazing and are must tries as soon as you can get down there. Mitch Dougherty is heading up brewing operations there. Mitch was formerly the head brewer at Cincinnati’s Rock Bottom and won gold at the 2012 World Beer Cup in Wood and Barrel Aged Beer for Sarah’s Two Headed Buffalo so the guy has lots of experience making awesome beer.

Ei8ht Ball Tap List
Dat Tap List! – Thanks to Danny Gold for the photo

What’s a great bar, brewery, or bottle shop without great people though? For all the awesomeness I’ve already discussed it would suck if the people there didn’t know their shit. Danny Gold has been the craft beer guy at The Party Source for a while now and has done a phenomenal job at it but he couldn’t take care of this whole bar/brewery by himself. He’s assembled the Cincinnati beer dream team, they came together and formed Voltron wielding a pint instead of a sword! I already talked about head brewer Mitch Dougherty but Danny has also brought in Peanut Khales, formerly with the Dilly Cafe and always with the best damn beard in town! Peanut has been packing huge amounts of craft beer knowledge since before I was born.

So they’ve got 2 guys with mad beer knowledge so what, well they also have 2 awesome women with mad beer knowledge. Natalie Phillips was the head beer maiden at Belmont Party Supply up in Dayton, which was and still is Dayton’s best bottle shop. Lastly but certainly not least is Andrea Besl who was tending bar at Rivertown’s tap room and has been involved on increasingly higher levels at almost ever Cincinnati beer fest for the past few years. I’ve seen a fair bit of complaining lately from craft beer nerds that a place may have great beer but your server doesn’t know anything about them. These 4 don’t just know beer, they love beer, and they live beer.

The Dream Team - Thanks Jesse Folk for the photo!
The Dream Team – Thanks Jesse Folk for the photo!

This has been a lot of hyperbole but I really am truly excited for Ei8ht Ball’s future. They’re opening big and I know they’re only going to grow and get better over time.

Now that you’ve read all this go check out Brew Prof’s excellent post he did on Why you need to visit Ei8ht Ball.