The Session #78: You like good hamburgers?

session_logo_all_text_300I’m taking the plunge and joining a group of other beer bloggers in what’s called The Session. Blogging on a beer topic on the first Friday of the month. Each month a blogger comes up with a topic and all the other bloggers respond.

This month James at Beer Bar Band asked what our “elevator pitch” for craft beer was. That’s to say if you have 30-seconds to convert a BMC drinker to a DFH drinker what do you say? To make things more challenging and keep the to length of an elevator ride I only have 250 words to for my pitch, so here goes:

That’s a nice beer you got there, have you ever had Sam Adam’s Boston Lager or Dogfish Head 60 Minute? Oh, no? You don’t like fancy beers? That’s too bad.

Do you like hamburgers? You do, great! So… I guess you just always eat McDonald’s quarter pounder, right? I mean it’s a hamburger, and it’s good, not great, but good.

Oh, you really like Red Robin? Cool, me too. I love the Royal, something about a fried egg on a burger is really tasty to me… screw my arteries!

Why do you like Red Robin more than McDonald’s? Better flavor and variety? Definitely, I’m right there with you. If you like variety, ya know the spice of life and all that, and better flavor hamburgers you should really think about applying that to beer too.

The McDonald’s quarter pounder is just like your light beer there. It’s a burger, it’s ok, it’s available everywhere. But think about the Royal, it’s super tasty, maybe a little harder to get, and a little more expensive but SO worth it.

That’s just like craft beer.

You may not like those bitter beers, just like I don’t like Red Robin’s Whiskey River burger. But my boss loves the Whiskey River and I love bitter beers.

There are so many craft beer flavors you just need to spend a bit of time and I guarantee you’ll find one you love! Seriously, guarantee, if you don’t I’ll buy the rest of the 6-pack off you!

Boom, 250 words on the dot!

So that’s my “elevator pitch” for craft beer. What’s yours?