A Short Rant On Growlers

Growlers have become pretty commonplace in the craft beer world in the last year or two.  They have their disadvantages (you have to drink the beer within a day or two upon opening the growler), but they give customers access to many more offerings, and give local, small breweries a chance to get beer in front of customers without the hassles of label approvals and bottling lines.  They are also environmentally friendly.

However, it seems as if many local places are missing the point.  Growlers are supposed to be cheaper than bottles.  Always.  No exceptions.   There are no label approval fees, no packaging materials, and no bottling lines.  Kegs are also cheaper for a bottle shop to buy than individual cases.  Yet there are several stores in town that price growlers of a beer higher than the same beer in the bottles.  In some cases, this is true when both are in stock!!!

We can change this by not supporting silly pricing and gently asking stores to adjust to a reasonable dollar amount.  Ready, set,  go!

Rant over.