Craft Beer on a Budget

No one is going to argue with you that craft beer is an expensive hobby┬áto get into, it is, and there are not many ways around it. Craft beers are artisanal products using prime ingredients handcrafted in the state of the art machinery. All that stuff costs plenty of money. So how can you enjoy craft beer on a budget? I’m working on doing this myself and am sharing my ways; please share yours in the comments!

Craft Beer on a budget

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Top 10 Holiday 2013 Beer Gifting Guide (+1 bonus)

I’m writing this on Thanksgiving Day which means the holiday season is in full swing and tomorrow is Black Friday, one of the busy shopping days of the year. The list below is more of a Cyber Monday list since I am an Amazon fanatic and hate going out on Black Friday. But if you’re reading this on Thanksgiving 2013 or Thanksgiving 2015 the beer gifting guide below still applies for some great gifts for the beer geek in your group!

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Beer Savers Product Review

With the number of beers coming in bombers, and many of those only being special releases, there will eventually come a time in every beer lovers life when they don’t want to drink the entire bomber in one night. But it’s already opened and it’ll go flat overnight, that my friend is beer abuse and cannot be tolerated! Luckily there is a new product to help out in those situations, the Beer Saver!

Beer Saver

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Product Review: Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer

Being a craft beer lover, I often buy bombers. The problem with bombers is that I try to limit myself to 1 beer a night. You can’t do that with a bomber, once you open it, it starts going flat. That is where the Hermetus bottle opener and resealer comes into play.


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