Details on the Hyde Park Craft Beer Symposia at Teller’s

The folks over at Teller’s just recently released their beer list for their annual Hyde Park Craft Beer Symposia. For those of you not in the know, the Symposia is one of the most unique beer events in the Cincinnati-area. Breweries each bring two beers (mostly draft, though some bottle) to Teller’s for the event. It is very different from other beer festivals in that you sit at a table or at the bar and the beers are brought to you by the wait staff. It’s a cool way to be able to spend time drinking and discussing the beers with old and new friends, rather than waiting in line for a half hour to try a beer.

There are also educational panels which consist of the brewery reps, brewers, and others in the industry. The restaurant is closed during this evening to anyone except ticket-holders, so it’s a quite inclusive thing. They don’t oversell tickets either, unlike some other area events, so it’s a nice, comfortable, casual evening.

The price is $60, which includes pours of the 30+ beers they have available. Food is not included, so if you want something to snack on, you’ll be paying more than that. $60 definitely is not cheap for a beer event that doesn’t include food, but in my modest opinion, it is worth it. Last year they had a number of limited, draft-only beers that there is pretty much no chance you’d be trying anywhere else. Plus, sometimes you just have to treat yourself.

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