Thursday’s Short Pours: SW Ohio venues among 2013 Ratebeer Best, $0.33 martinis, and what it takes to open a distillery

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A couple Southwest Ohio better beer locations get some love from Ratebeer…

In the Best for 2013, Dilly Cafe won best restaurant and Jungle Jim’s (Fairfield) won best grocery store for the state of Ohio. Jackie O’s, notably, won best brewpub in Ohio.


Japp’s is dishing out some martinis on the cheap…

“Japp’s, the craft cocktail bar on Main St.,   is launching a Prohibition Pricing Happy Hour. From 4-6 p.m. every day, a classic Plymouth Gin martini will be — hold on– 33 cents.  That’s Plymouth Gin, dry vermouth and two olives or a lemon twist.”

Via Campbell’s Scoop

Craig at Drink Up Columbus  speaks to the folks at Watershed Distillery about what it takes to get a distillery up and running…

“Since Watershed’s inception in late 2010, it seems that every Columbus area bar and home bar is stocked with at least one of their four spirits. The distinct flavor of their gin is something I’ve been unable to match from another brand, the vodka is as solid as you’ll find, the bourbon barrel gin is an unexpectedly delicious unique experience, and the new bourbon is absolutely delicious. I sat down with Watershed owners Greg Lehman and Dave Rigo to learn more about their business.”

Via Drink Up Columbus