Listermann Brewing Company wins Ohio brewery of the year at 2nd Annual New York International Beer Competition

Some great local news. Just announced is that Listermann Brewing Company  took home the Brewery of the Year for the State of Ohio at the 2nd Annual New York International Beer Competition. I know absolutely nothing about this competition, as I’ve just heard of it today, but a win is a win.

Additionally, they medaled in the following categories:

  • German-style Doppelbock (Bronze) for Gravitator
  • Smoke Beer (Bronze) for Friar Bacon Smoked Bock
  • Wood and Barrel Aged Beer (Bronze) for White Death

In other related notes, Alltech took home Kentucky Brewery of the Year. It also looks like Sam Adams took home a number of medals. More about the competition:

In Its 2nd Year, the NYIBC Competition Sets Unparalleled Standards and Uncovers the World’s Best-Brews, Ciders and Sakes

New York, NY (February 2013) The 2nd Annual New York International Beer Competition (“NYIBC”) was held at 3 West Club in the heart of Manhattan on February 10th 2013. Close to three hundred beer, cider and sake producers from over 16 countries submitted their brands to be blind tasted and judged by category and actual price. The trade only judges are buyers, retail storeowners, restaurant/bar proprietors, distributors and importers – those that have the unique ability to make a direct impact on sales.

While other renowned competitions prize up to 85% of entrants with awards and gold medals, the discerning panel and ethos of the NYIBC is to honor the brands that are most deserving among their peers. This year, NYIBC prized only 24% of its entrants medals and only one Double Gold Medal and One Gold medal was awarded.

Full competition results:

Another canned MadTree beer on the way (PsycHOPathy IPA)

psychopathy ipa

Because the TTB COLA search (if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry your head) doesn’t seem to be listing all the newly approved beer label approvals, this one managed to slip past us. We scooped the keg approval for this one a little while back, but it seems that MadTree recently got label approved for their can-packaged version of their PsycHOPathy IPA recently, as well. Because they’re such sweet gents, they sent on just about everything you’d need to know about this beer in advance of it hitting distribution.

I have to say, I am really enjoying their labels. While the artwork outside of the bottle clearly is not as important as what’s inside, it’s nice that they’re proud enough of what they’re producing to have some local artists produce some very cool work. Outside of their can labels, the only other local labels I can remember thinking “wow, that’s pretty neat” about are Rivertown’s big bottles (Lambic, Geuze, etc).

I’m very much looking forward to the packaged version of this. Columbus (Columbus IPA, Bodhi) and Cleveland (Head Hunter, White Rajah) has been kicking Cincinnati’s ass all over the place with great IPAs for so long that it will be nice to see some real American, West-Coast style IPAs made in the Queen City. Fifty West is already putting together a great beer of this style with Coast to Coast, but until they start packaging their beer, it makes it tough to get ahold of.

Anyways, I’m sure you’d like to hear about the beer, so without further ado, here are the pertinent details from Kenny at MadTree (after the jump, of course): Continue reading “Another canned MadTree beer on the way (PsycHOPathy IPA)”

Some Listermann/Triple Digit Updates…

It looks like it’s going to be a busy couple of months over at Listermann/Triple Digit. In addition to the Black Friday and End of the World parties (details below), they’ll be doing tappings of the Blank Slate/Triple Digit collaboration, Determination, at the Covington Keystone (tonight; 6PM) and Cock and Bull Covington (11/30).

Additionally, both White Death and Cincinnatus (bourbon barrel aged imperial stout) will be released soon. Last year’s Cincinnatus was a fantastic improvement on the prior version, so I’m quite excited to get ahold of some bottles of it once it’s released. For those of you interested, last year’s version can still be found at the Party Source. I think I’ll be picking up once or two more to do a comparison with this year’s.

Some Quaff Bros updates…

From the Party Source newsletter:

Thanks for buying up all of the Sour Grapes! With a limit of just two bottles per customer to help spread the love (something we never thought we would have to do) it is now sold out. There is just a few 1/6 barrels of Quaff Bros. “Joseph“ left and with the speed it is going on our growler station, it won’t last long. What else is going on? Well, lots! We are now in cahoots with Scott from Blank Slate Brewing Co., and are hoping for a draft only white wine influenced brew coming to us in a few months. We are also in the early stages of three new Quaff projects with our good friends from Listermanns and Triple Digit. We will not let the cat all the way out of the bag yet, but preparations for Cincy Winter Beer Fest 2013 are being made. We also will have a brew just in time for the holidays, which we can promise you is like no other beer on the planet. Finally, the next time you read about and taste a Quaff Bros. beer it will be “Ginever“, a Belgium style Blonde aged in Corsair Gin/Rum barrels. More news to come soon. Keep Quaffing, cheers!