The Cincinnati Six-Pack Project (2016 Edition)

3-years ago Bryan Roth from This Is Why I’m Drunk reached out to local bloggers across the country to each build a 6-pack that represents their state. You can read that list here. About a year before that post I wrote another article on the Cincinnati Six-Pack.

Both of those lists are now hilariously out of date. The best example of this is that Rhinegeist isn’t on either list as they weren’t open yet. I initially sat down to write an update for Ohio’s part in the Six-Pack Project but remembered the difficulty in narrowing an entire state down into six beers. So, I decided to settle down to just a Cincinnati Six-pack, plus a few from Dayton. I also reached out to Pat at Pat’s Pints in Columbus and Rick Armon at The Ohio Beer Blog in Akron/Cleveland. They’ll both be doing similar posts covering their parts of Ohio in the next few weeks.


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Some (woefully tardy) Rivertown updates…

I will gladly admit: I have been seriously derelict in my posting duties lately. Between such and such and such real life has been busy, blah, blah, blah. You get the gist. The main thing is, I owe some posts. The most pressing of these is the follow up to the relatively ruthless post concerning some issues I had with Rivertown over the months preceding it. Jason Roeper of Rivertown contacted me to discuss the issues I had and we actually spent a nice morning together over beers — at least a month ago. I apologize to Jason and Rivertown (and anyone else who was looking forward to the follow up) for my tardiness in putting this up.

What I’m going to do is address the issues I had in my original post and then follow up with some miscellany that I feel is important. Read on, dear readers…

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