Confessions of a Homebrewer

[This is a guest post by a friend of mine and store manager at Osborn Brewing. I want people to know that they aren’t getting this post just because Osborn Brewing is a sponsor of the blog. This post is here because it’s quality content on homebrewing, an area I wish I had more posts on. If you have anything you want to say on homebrewing or other Cincy/beer/liquor stuff shoot me an email! – Tom]

Why do I homebrew? Why does he homebrew? Why does that guy at your office spend all of his free time making beer when he could just be buying beer and drinking it? Jeez, he should have just become a brew master and not work at this office if he loves beer so much. Why are these people always asking you to try whiskey aged this, and double dry hopped that, or his attempt at something you are pretty sure had bacon in it? 

It’s because we all love beer, and we, as home brewers want to share this love and enthusiasm with every person we meet.

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh C’Breulu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

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Mashing For Mammaries at Osborn Brewing

In honor of breast cancer awareness month a local homebrew supply store, Osborn Brewing, is hosting Mashing for Mammaries. The event will feature homebrewers from the local Middletown Area Society of Homebrewers (M*A*S*H) and the Cincinnati Malt Infusers (CMI) brewing beer throughout the day. If you have an interest in making your own beer this is a great time to stop by the store and see the variety of setups and methods available to you. Knowing homebrewers there will likely be a fair deal of drinking going on while brewing too.10-17-2013 2-20-54 PM

Besides the brewing there will also be a topless car wash and if plans come together then there will be raffles throughout the day and a cornhole tournament. If you’re available to judge the tournament or have things to donate for the raffle please contact Brent Osborn at (513) 360-0076. All proceeds will from these activities will go to Save the Ta-Tas. The events officially start at noon but some brewers, like myself, will likely be getting there around 10:30 to get setup.