Historical Cincinnati Brewery Count

Every year the Brewers Association updates their chart of the historical U.S. brewery count. This year I decided to create a chart for the historical Cincinnati brewery count.

CaptureI love this chart, it shows you the heights we used to stand upon, the crush of prohibition, the lows of the 70s, and the resurgent climb we are currently making. You should go check it out on their page because it’s interactive and they have other related charts.

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3-Tier System: Introduction

I feel lucky in that a lot of posts write themselves and I don’t have to try too much, except in researching things and drinking beer. The 3-Tier system, however, has been a 9-month long battle for me of how to talk about this complex, occasional divisive, topic. Initially I planned 1 post, which became 1 massive post, which is now a series of 5 posts in the following order (as posts are published I’ll update these links):

  1. Introduction and history (you are here)
  2. Breweries
  3. Distributors
  4. Retailers
  5. My Conclusions

Throughout all of this I will strive to remain impartial  and address both pros and cons of the system. I’ve made it my goal to publish all these posts this year, as they say there’s no time to start like the present so let’s start in the past.

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