Beer Temperature Fluctuation Results

I’ve always heard that beer temperature must stay cold at all times or to let it change temperatures gradually to preserve the best flavor. Many distributors and stores can’t keep all the beer cold all the time, they only have so much refrigerator space. This means that the beer you buy from Kroger or Cappy’s has likely been warm at some point in its life. But what is the effect of that temperature changing? Let’s find out!

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Beer Temperature Fluctuation Poll

I’ve always heard that beer needs to be stored cold and stay cold until you drink it. They also say that temperature fluctuations, going from cold to warm and back again, are terrible for beer. However, I’ve never seen any tests done on this, so I’m going to do a test.

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The Fallacy of Freshness: The PsycHOPathy Vertical

I’ve noticed increased chatter on Facebook groups about the freshness of IPAs. Of course, you should enjoy most styles of beer as fresh as possible because breweries release their beer when they feel it’s ready for you to drink it. However, what I’ve been seeing is the flat-out rejection of IPAs that are only a few weeks old. I decided to set out and see if that rejection is valid. After a year of waiting, a few friends and I sat down for a vertical of MadTree’s PsycHOPathy IPA.

Fresh IPAs

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For Real Happiness Buy Experiences, Not Things

I recently discovered a new podcast, You Are Not So Smart, and really enjoyed an episode called Happy Money, focused on money and rewards. Shortly after that I read this article from Scientific American. The takeaway from both is simple: Buying experiences makes us happier than buying things.

Turns out a fair bit of research has been done regarding people’s perceptions of how much they’ll enjoy a thing before and after they buy something. We think we like buying things better because they give us more value, but we get more joy out of experiences. The reason is that we can place an objective value on a thing. “This bottle of Cantillon cost me $25 in 2013. I could probably sell it for $75 to $100 now.” Whereas memories and experiences have a much more subjective value to them. “I had an amazing time at that bottle share last month.” What is an “amazing time?” How much is it worth? Despite this, we pull more happiness out of the experience than the possession of material goods.

The study showed that this effect of enjoying experiences more than things increases with delayed satisfaction. That is when we buy a thing and pay for it now with the plan of experiencing it later we will enjoy it even more than if we bought it and enjoyed it immediately.

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King of the Ohio IPA Southwestern Poll Results

King of the Ohio IPA

Holy smokes, 1809 votes over two weeks! There are clearly a lot of people out there who love Cincinnati and Dayton’s craft beer scene. For those that missed voting the poll had two questions, one where you could pick your favorite IPA from Cincinnati and the next question being the same for Dayton. Now for the results!

Representing Cincinnati

The first question focused on Cincinnati’s IPAs (remember it’s straight IPAs only so no Fork in the Road or Citra High) and was won, by a large margin, by Rhinegeist’s Truth! MadTree’s PsycHOPathy came in second with Cellar Dweller Hoppy Poppy coming in at a solid third.

Representing Dayton

As I said before the second question was all about Dayton IPAs. Dayton Brewing Company’s Oregon Alley IPA will be heading to Columbus to show what the Dayton beer scene has to offer. Following Dayton Beer Company was Yellow Springs Wobbly Wheel at second and Fifth Street’s Icebreaker IPA in third.

My Pick

Part of the plan is to have each of the five bloggers involved in this pick one beer from their area to bring along with the two beers selected by the voters. For my pick I’m going with the second highest vote getter, and what I honestly believe is one of the best IPAs in the area, MadTree’s PsycHOPathy.

From Across The State

The three beers above are what will be heading to Columbus from the Cincinnati/Dayton area but there are four other regions coming too. Check out the following posts to see who else will be going!

What Happens Now?

The next step in the King of the Ohio IPA competition is that myself, and the other bloggers, will pick up the freshest growlers or six packs of these beers that we can find. We’ll all meet up in Columbus next Saturday (November 1st) for the judging. We will have helpers on hand to make sure we are drinking the beers blind and judging them solely based on their inherent qualities and not on favoritism, brand recognition, or any other external influences. We will know the winner that day but you won’t find out until Monday November 3rd. Then the winning brewery will receive a King of the Ohio IPA championship belt.

Stay tuned to Queen City Drinks on Facebook and Twitter for updates, and more importantly results, on the competition! Plus don’t forget to follow my fellow bloggers covering the rest of Ohio.

Arthur’s Cafe, MadTree Brewing, and Autism Awareness

This is and always will be a blog about beer, wine, spirits, and other drinks, as well as the places to drink them in Cincinnati. However, Autism has become an important part of my life as my wife has been a teacher for children with autism for over 8 years now. So when I saw that Arthur’s Cafe was doing a special charity event involving one of Cincinnati’s newest breweries, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to talk about Autism and beer! First I’ll let Arthur’s speak for themselves, via their Facebook page:

Since April is Autism Awareness month, we decided to team back up with the guys over at MadTree to do another charity event to help raise money for the cause. April 9th we will be having a Madtree Pint Nigt to benefit the Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati. Like before, $1 from every MadTree beer sold will go to the cause. We will be featuring PsycHOPathy IPA, Happy Amber, Gnarly Brown, and Sprye! We will also be selling MadTree Pints and snifters for $5 ea. A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to the charity. We hope to see you all here to help make a difference and enjoy some fantastic local beer at the same time!

We’ve talked a fair bit about MadTree in the past (all our articles on them) and our fellow local blogger Brew Prof did a great write up about their brewery and their cans. So I want to tell folks a bit more about Autism.

I am no expert. I’m only the husband of someone who passionately cares about autism. Also, as you’ve seen with beer, when I get interested in something, I do a fair bit of digging into the subject to learn more about it. First thing to know is that autism is a big spectrum of “pervasive developmental disorders”. People affected with Autism  vary widely in their ability to dress/feed themselves, talk, appropriate behavior, and getting social queues.  Which is to say that individuals may simply struggle making friends while other can’t/don’t talk and have to wear adult diapers. Some people with autism can be very successful, like Ari Ne’eman the Obama administration’s appointee to the National Council on Disability and co-founder of the Autsitic Self Advocacy Network, and a very small percentage are like Kim Peek (the real guy that Dustin Hoffman played in RainMan). A lot of people still need our help  with jobs, housing, and research money but also, perhaps most importantly, with acceptance.

Here are some sadly sobering statistics for Autism [provided by my wife]:

  • Autism affects every 1 out of 55 children (most recent statistic)
  • Austim Spectrum Disorder is 5 times more common to be diagnosed in boys than girls
  • Parents spend on average $3,000/per year more on medical expenses for autistic kids vs. typically developing kids
  • Intensive behavioral therapy costs an upward so of $40,000 dollars per year

This sounds like it’s gonna be a great night for a great charity. Arthur’s actually does a charity night like this almost every month and Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati is an excellent charity to be donating to that “is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those with autism and their families.” So please try to make it out to Arthur’s tomorrow night (4/9/13) and have a pint of MadTree with me! If you can’t make it please still think about donating to the Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati or the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

Whole Foods Mason: Tuesday on Tap

I’ve been meaning to come to one of these for months but things keep coming up and it’s not all that close to me. But I finally prioritized it and I’m so glad I did.

First of the important stuff, the beer list:

Those prices are pint/32 oz growler/64 oz growler… yeah $12 for 64 oz of PsycHOPathy… so mad I didn’t bring my growler.

The way this works is that there are 6 tables each with 1 beer and 1 snack. The tables are spread throughout the store, but I got here early so I snagged a seat at the bar for a pint before everything started. While the bar does count as 1 table you still have to get up and walk around so getting here early isn’t a huge advantages. The tables are setup 1 – 6, light – dark, Hors d’oeuvre – desert. I’m not sure, and didn’t ask, if they were consciously pairing beer & food, but for the most part it seemed like they did.

You start at register 7, its $6 for a mug and the tasting but if you bring your mug back you save a dollar. At each table they hole punch your list of beers and give you an appetizer. Pretty simple setup that keeps things easy and awesome.

The first station was Bell’s Oberon and vegetable medley, both were delicious however I have problems with drinking a summer ale while it is snowing.

Station 2 is Left Hand JuJu brewed with ginger and paired with cajun catfish. That catfish was quite spicy and paired a little weird with the ginger.

Station 3 is MadTree PsycHOPathy paired with quinoa and farro topped with haloumi cheese. I love quinoa and have now discovered that farro is another awesome grain. This whole thing went great with the hoppy/bitter IPA.

Station 4 matched Kona Koko Brown Ale to a pepperoni pizza. They went well together but not outstanding.

Table 5 was a winter fruit cracker topped with brie cheese and spicy plum chutney paired to Ballast Point’s Dorado Double IPA. The Dorado packs a vicious kick of alcohol and bitter hops. It washes off the strong flavors of the cracker. I didn’t dig the snack but loved the beer.

Station 6 brought out Founders Imperial Stout and matzo crunch, which is a matzo cracker dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with walnuts. This pairs amazingly and the Founders imperial stout is just plain awesome! The interplay with the chocolate and the Imperial Stout was absolutely amazing.

Overall this was a fantastic experience that was well worth my $6. However the beer list and apps changes each week. They post the beer list on their Facebook page before hand, seems to be around noon on Tuesdays, so I’d suggest to check and make sure they have beers you like or are interested in first, hopefully they’ll start posting what the snacks will be as well. The store also has a decent bottle selection that includes a variety of single bottles.

Seriously I strongly recommend checking out one of these events and will definitely be back myself. This store is also hosting it’s own Whole Foods Craft Beer Festival on May 18th, so we have that to look forward to as well!