A Visit with Rivertown: Foeders, Sours, and Cease and Desists

I stopped by Rivertown Brewery earlier this week to talk about their new foeder. I ended up having a wandering conversation with co-owner Jason Roeper covering many topics about all things new for Rivertown.

Read on after the jump to learn what the hell a foeder is, what small batch sours you can expect to regret getting so little of, the various ways Rivertown is growing, and how they’ve dealt with a legal entanglement from a similarly named brewery!

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Beer Review: Rivertown Old Sour Cherry Porter (2013)

Rivertown’s Old Sour Cherry Porter is making the rounds at the stores again. This is, I believe, the third year for this beer and past reviews report it has being under carbonated and a bit flat. I have never personally had this before and am not really super psyched for it but extremely curious. Sours are a large uncharted territory for me as I’ve only had a few. That said I intend to give this beer my best and most unbiased review possible, a goal I apply to every beer I try. First off here’s what Rivertown says:

We combined our Imperial Porter with fresh dark Michigan cherries, and then aged it for over three months in a bourbon barrel inoculated with wild yeast. This is a bottle conditioned ale, and can cellar for over five years. Enjoy!

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Beer Review : Rivertown Winter Ale

Last night Rivertown Brewing tapped this year’s first keg of their much-loved Winter Ale. Today I headed down to the, crazily packed, tap-room for a pint of this. I also scored a growler of Roebling and 2 bottles of Ville De Rivere Geuze so look forward to those reviews as well.
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New Local Beer Alert: Rivertown Brewing “War”

From Rick Armon:

Rivertown Brewing Co. in Cincinnati is releasing War, the second beer in its 2012 brewmaster’s limited release series.

The brewery describes the beer as an Irish-style smoked red ale. It’s made with cherry wood smoked malt, British amber malt, two row pale ale malt and Scottish roasted barley malt. It also has spicy Bravo hops.

War, which clocks in at 6.2 percent alcohol by volume, will be released June 20. It is the second of four brews centered around the fact that the ancient Mayan calendar ends Dec. 21, 2012 and some believe that will be the end of the world and start of the Apocalypse.

“War, a fiery red entity, holds significance as being one of the Four Horsemen given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other,” the brewery says.”Please enjoy with close friends and family and covet this special brew until the bitter end.”

(H/T to Rick Armon at Ohio Breweries)