[Guest Post] Smoked Beer Experiment

[Ed. Note: Jhon is back with another guest post. If you missed his first one then read about souring beer with probiotics!]

We are going to delve into a beer style that gets a lot of flak for how it is executed. The smoked beer tends to get many noses turned up to it, “It tastes like Bacon!” they shout, “It’s like drinking barbecue sauce!” they moan.  I’m here to bat that nonsense aside and show you that when done correctly they are fantastic.

The first part of the process is the most difficult, finding smoked malt that isn’t foul.  There are three easily acquired smoked malts: Beechwood smoked, Oak smoked, and Peat smoked. I’ve never had a beer with these malts that weren’t either bacon or barbecue flavored. Gods help you if you ever have one with any amount of peat smoked.

Now you ask well if all smoked malt is bad how do I make a smoked beer?

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Beer Review: Oskar Blues Old Chub

Continuing the hookup from Oskar Blues I’m trying their Scotch ale, Old Chub, tonight and tomorrow night will bring my review of Dale’s Pale Ale. This is a strong scotch ale, aka a wee heavy, and like all scotch ales feature lots of malt and almost no hops. This is historically due to the fact that hops don’t grow in Scotland and were expensive to import. Enough of that, onto the beer.

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