[Guest Post] 4 Ways To Save Money Homebrewing

There are many reasons we all first took that first step down the path to homebrewing,  a want for a hobby that would get you drunk,  a desire to customize beer to your palate, or perhaps you started to save a few bucks. Regardless of your reason for starting, we are all here. In this article that I will cover ways you can save money and get more out of your homebrewing beyond just beer.

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Dry for 30

Let me first off say that The Brew Professor is some kind of psychotic sadomasochist… who has somehow pulled BeerQuestABV, Brent Osborn at Osborn Brewing, and myself into his madness.

Friend of mine and of the blog Mike, aka The Brew Professor, has had the idea to go Dry for 30 days. What does “dry for 30 days” mean? Pure insanity, that’s what it means. No beer for 30 days! He’s got some great reasons for doing it, and an even better give away, so go read his post then come back to us.

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