Dry for 30

Let me first off say that The Brew Professor is some kind of psychotic sadomasochist… who has somehow pulled BeerQuestABV, Brent Osborn at Osborn Brewing, and myself into his madness.

Friend of mine and of the blog Mike, aka The Brew Professor, has had the idea to go Dry for 30 days. What does “dry for 30 days” mean? Pure insanity, that’s what it means. No beer for 30 days! He’s got some great reasons for doing it, and an even better give away, so go read his post then come back to us.

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Beer Review: Miller Lite

Variety is the spice of life, or so they say. After hunting down and enjoying the lovely Founders KBS (my review) I decided to take an alternative direction and finally try the ultra-available Miller Lite. Honestly I have been meaning to get around to trying this since the beginning of the year, and my diet. I figured after having the super high calories KBS (at ~337) now was a great time to try Miller Lite (at ~110)… it was also $1 for 24 oz and I felt cheap.

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Drinking Beer On A Diet

First things first, beer is not healthy.  No matter what Guinness wants to advertise about a “meal in a glass” or, however, few calories Budweiser can cram in a bottle of “beer”, the beverage we love so is not a healthy one. Beer is empty calories, regardless of how many times I proclaim that “they’re not empty, they’re full of joy!” So how can a lazy IT guy drink beer on a diet?

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