Book Review: 'Proof: The Science of Booze' by Adam Rogers

In my continued quest to read everything about booze I just finished reading Adam Rogers’ Proof: The Science of Booze and damn do I love this book!

Proof The Science of Booze

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Beer Review: Budweiser Project 12 Plus the Importance of Yeast

Last year Budweiser started a new venture to get more people to drink Budweiser and expand their brand. This adventure was called Project 12. The idea is simple and cool. All the head brewers from all the Budweiser plants get to make a beer however they want… as long as they use the same yeast. This is very important and will be discussed more later. The yeast they were given is the same yeast they always use for all their beers, “the signature yeast first used by Adolphus Busch in 1876, creating brews that show Budweiser’s clean and crisp flavor.”

You may not have heard of Project 12 before but what you did hear about, unless you missed Super Bowl XLVI, is Budweiser Black Crown. Black Crown won the Project 12 competition last year and got released as a major nationwide roll out featuring far too many confusing commercials during last years Super Bowl. So it’s a pretty exciting honor for these head brewers and I’m not sure but I hope that whoever wins get’s a nice fat bonus at the end of the year.

Budweiser Project 12 Vanilla Bourbon Cask Beechwood Bock North Pacific Lager

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Learning About Beer: Ingredients

In a world where most food is filled with High Fructose Corn Syrup, Erythritol, Zinc Picolinate, and  brominated vegetable oil things can get confusing, scary, and mostly hard to pronounce. Luckily beer is the opposite of all that craziness. Most styles of beer rely on 4 ingredients; water, malt, hops, and yeast. I’m gonna take a look at what those are and what else might pop up in other styles.

Disclaimer: This is only meant as a brief introduction and I may have misunderstood the role of some things.

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Learning About Beer: Reinheitsgebot, gesundheit?

Hello again my friends,

Today I am starting a semi-occasional series of posts I like to refer to as the L.A.B. series, or Learning About Beer. The aim of this series is to try to spread beer knowledge. Lots of sites, like ours, review beers, but not too many espouse upon general beer knowledge. So my aim is to try to bring to light different styles, traditions, ingredients, processes or, in this case, a term you may have seen here or there. To put it simply, the Reinheitsgebot is a list of what can go into beer and folks in Cincinnati are big fans of it. To put it more complexly, read on!

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